Prepare for it. Nail it. Rave about it.

It’s got to be time that all that chat around birth changes, surely?! People are all too quick to share their horror story of birth in a way that gives them some kind of ‘one up’ on you if they’ve survived a horror. I just don’t get it – maybe they just want people toContinue reading “Prepare for it. Nail it. Rave about it.”

Thank you for saying “yes, it’s shit”.

I am the first person to think positively about anything, and I really am. I’m a total ‘cup half full’ kinda person and the older I get the more I realise it really is just the way I look at the world as opposed to any need to make it that way. BUT, sometimes IContinue reading “Thank you for saying “yes, it’s shit”.”

It can totally all be about the journey *

*and sometimes that journey doesn’t need to include eggy kids or endless snacks! Today I had a bit of a revelation that sometimes the magic happens in the journey rather than the destination. I know this isn’t a new notion, but today it just hit me! Whether it be the food, the activities or theContinue reading “It can totally all be about the journey *”

I want this for me, and that’s ok…

All my working life, I’ve enjoyed work. I mean… I’ve ‘liked’ it. Got the odd kick here and there, got paid ‘enough’ money and was ‘good’ at what I did. I had fun with my frolleagues (that’s what I call friends from work) and actually, some are now my nearest and dearest. But that’s it.Continue reading “I want this for me, and that’s ok…”